UK resident and ordinary resident individual are liable to CGT on the disposal of assets situated anywhere in the world.

Assets chargeable to CGT 

All the form of property, wherever in the world they are situated, are assets for CGT purposes unless they are specifically designed as non chargeable in the legislation.

Gains on the disposal of the following are exampt

  • Motor vehicle suitable for private use
  • National saving and Investments certificates, premium bonds and SAYE deposits
  • Foreign currency for private use
  • Betting and lottery winnings
  • Medals- awarded for bravery (unless purchased)
  • Damages for personal or professional injury
  • Life assurance policy
  • Gilt-edged securities and qualifying corporate bonds
  • Wasting chattels(tangible movable property with a life of 50 years or less, eg a racehorse)
  • CGT Computation 
  •                                                                                          £
  • Disposal consideration(or market value)                       ****
  • Less: cost of disposal                                                   ****
  • Net proceeds                                                                ____
  • Less: allowable cost                                                       ****
  • Annual Exemption Allowance(individual)
  • Indexation Allowance(Companies)
  • Chargeable gain/(allowable loss)                                  ____
  • Annual Exemption Allowance                                         10,600
  • Indexation Allowance     RPI(Disposal)-RPI(Aquisition) /RPI(Disposal)
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