Sale Memorandum
Internet Based famous brand of webcams with a lot of potential for expansion.

Location: North West of the UK but can be operated from any where in the UK – 100% Relocatable

Potential Market: UK has more than 45 million internet users which are growing every year. Most of them use internet for contacting their family and friends. Video conferencing has become vital part of all PCs and laptops these days. We have sold more than 10,000 webcams in last 2-3 years and demand is going up every year.

  • Turnover for first year  £137,000  – £130,000 p.a. second year – expecting same for 3rd year
  • Net Profits circa 70%+  Current owner started from home to keep expenses minimum and till to date he works himself to dispatch orders and take care of customers. One individual is hired for a week ever month for packaging, which does not cost much.

Business includes:

  1. All of listings on Amazon UK, no other seller can sell against this brand of webcams because of  unique packaging, logo and reviews on the webcam.
  2. Training for new owner and proper business expansion plan will be provided, which will guarantee you that if you put right effort and money in you will be multiplying sales in few months time.
  3. Turnover for financial year circa £137,000 p.a.* for first year – £130,000 p.a. second year – expecting same for 3rd year
  4. Net Profits circa 70%+
  5. Highly scale-able business opportunity
  6. Superb rankings on Amazon UK catalog
  7. Very low overheads
  8. Completely relocatable
  9. Huge customer base
  10. Global marketplace
  11. Ongoing growth pattern
Business profile:

This reputable and now well established business specialises in the online retail of  own Webcam brand. New owner will be provided all the training required, introduce to the manufacturers and suppliers of our products (who are always very helpful and keen to help). Seller has put all of his effort and passion to make this work successful and would like to see his brand grow in the future. Typical customer profile this business serves belong to approximately all ages, male and female both.

Everyone has a laptop or PC today and for online conferencing or video calls Skype or other methods of video conferencing are used.

All revenues are generated by online sales only via Amazon UK, which shows that this business has a lot of potential on other sales channels and online mediums of sales.

The business model has been put in place. It is ripe for a new owner to utilise the superb and highly valuable organic positions of our webcam listings on Amazon.

Company’s own website is not being used for any kind of sales of good at the moment, it is being used only for support and answer queries of our customers.


The business has invested in IT to ensure the business runs effectively and profitably. Wide A3 printer will be provided which is used by company to print A3 size of instructions sheets which go along with all the products. Seller is happy to provide Continous Ink Supply System (CISS) and ink supply for one year which will be enough to print 50,000 A3 size sheets. All instructions which are designed by professional designers will be provided for each model of webcams.

Customer Service:

The business provides customers with a comprehensive level of customer service and this is evident in the loyal customer base it enjoys. Full training will be provided on how to contact customers, keep them updated about their order progress and how their complaints are dealt in professional manner. Even though it is an internet based business the company strives to give customers that extra personal service with speedy response. All of our webcams are individually tested and packaged and sent out with an individual instruction sheet to ensure complete satisfaction. Items can be delivered throughout the world.

Key Strengths:

• Highly prized and extremely valuable front page organic multiple listings
• Fully SEO’D listings and website will be running Amazon’s Webstore solution very soon, all will be setup for new owner. Training will be provided on how to manage orders and take care of customers and stocks.
• Very impressive gross profit margins
• Truly scaleable business model
• Worldwide marketplace
• All year round sales
• Loyal and growing customer base
• Truly portable with very low overheads
• Positive cash flow

Growth and Expansion:

There are many new opportunities available to grow the business as it is a truly scaleable operation.

  1. Advertising and marketing: till today seller has not used any mediums of advertising and marketing. All business development is based on quality products, excellent customer service. You can advertise this business properly to local business and PC retail shop which will increase brand awareness and sales at the same time.
  2. Increase sales on Amazon UK by lowering profit margin as currently seller has slowed sales down by increased profit margin.
  3. Start selling on own website – More than 10,000 webcams have been sold in last 2-3 years and all of those customers are marketing source and recommendations for this brand among their colleagues and family members.
  4. Start selling on eBay – eBid and many other online selling platforms which are not being used at the moment.
  5. Expand sales to other Amazon sites, Amazon Spain, Germany, Italy, USA – Seller is registered with all international sites of Amazon.
  6. Webcams can be provided to local shops and stores with right sales team
  7. With passage of time any contract with any of super markets will take its sales to sky high.

The acquisition of this business offers many new opportunities to grow the business in its current form, as it is a truly scaleable operation.

Business Hours:

Online: 24/7
Owner: Current owner of the business works 1-2 hours every day to take orders, print labels, stick them on the right products and hand over to local post office.


The vendor works few hours every day to take care of administrative and order processing duties. In addition to this the business utilises 1 person 1 week every month to pack the products.

Support and Training:

As mentioned earlier, The vendor will provide a comprehensive handover period to ensure a seamless transition and continuity of trading. This should be relatively straightforward based on the current business model.

Reason for Sale:

The vendor believes he  has positioned the business now where it is ripe for a new owner to take it on to maximise the potential at it disposal. She has taken the business as far as she wishes and believes it now requires the additional investment to scale the operation up to maximise the opportunities already there. It is understood that the organic rankings/listing this company enjoys would be ideal for a technology business looking to capitalise further within the online sales arena and as such the return on investment should be significant.


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